The Shorter Route With Henry Hudson

Machaela Ford and Kelsey Emas

Looking for young explorers to join me in finding a short route to Asia

About Capt. Hudson

Sent by England royalty, I am in search for a short route to Asia. I am looking for young and eager sailors to join me in this courageous task. The reward is a great one. You will be rewarded with experience, fame, and 10 pounds.

Where Will Our Journey Lead Us?

On this voyage, we will be heading North East towards Asia around Europe. The path that we will be taking is shown. We will be leaving in 1607 and the goal is to be back before the end of the year. You will see many stunning sights and expand your view on the world. We will travel through the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea all the way around Europe to Asia. The path will lead us in to Asia's tundra. What else we may encounter is unknown.
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Join me in this brave voyage.