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About the three women

The first person we are gonna talk about is Donna. Donna is Gina's mother Gina is 17.The last person is Jenny she is just a friend shes 19.
They went for a trip for one day in Death Valley everything was going good until they wanted to see the famous race track where the rocks move on there own and leave tracks behind them so they saw a sign and went but got lost and was going up a mountain and then the next thing they know they ran out of gas so they just camped in the car for the night then when they woke up they tried to start the car again and it started so they had a ride down the mountains but would soon run out of gas for good so they got down them and saw tress and was headed toward them and ran out of gas for good so they walked the rest of the way and saw RVs and used some of there stuff and then the next day there were surprised by a helicopter and was saved.