African Americans

After the Civil War


General Gordan Granger issued a proclamation freeing Texas slaves in 1865. As the news of emacipation spread, many freedpeople left the plantation for many of them it was their first time traveling freely. Many of them are still treated like slaves.

The Freedmen's Burea

The U.S wanted to help the freedpeople and bring the souther states back into the union. They also made public schools in 1871. Many freedpeople returned to their old plantations for work becouse no one wanted to give them a job.

President Johnson's Plan

While the Burea was helping freedpeople, some people wanted to punish thher people like Abraham Lincoln did not want any feelinge of bitterness. Before the war ended he prosponed a plan to reunite the country quickly. after Abraham Lincoln was assasinated , Andrew johnson became the president. He also wanted to reunite the country.