Wayne Williams

By Brady Yelverton

Early Life

Wayne was born May 27, 1958, He lived in a neighborhood of south Atlanta named Dixie Hills. Wayne Graduated from Douglass High School and fell in love with radio and journalism and soon got involved in music production and management.
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Crimes, Trial, and Conviction

It started in 1979 when a woman came across two dead bodies on the side of the road. This discovery marked the beginning of the Atlanta Child murders which lasted 22 months. After two more bodies were found police launched a major investigation. Police began to stake out at the 14 bridges spanning the Chattahoochee river where the bodies were found. One night at 3 am police heard a loud splash in the river and discovered a car driving away, police pulled the car over and found Wayne in the drivers seat, but because police didn't know what the splash was they let him go. two days later the body of Nathaniel Cater was found in the river and Wayne was brought in for questioning. on Feb 27, 1982, Wayne was found guilty of the murder of Nathaniel Cater and Jimmy Ray Payne. Wayne was convicted and sentenced to two life terms because of matching fibers found on the victims bodies. Williams asked for retrials and stuck by the thought that he was innocent but the murders stopped once he was imprisoned.