Potty Time!!

by: Isabel Carrillo

Why begin potty training?

Its very important for a parent to begin potty training as soon as their child shows signs of readiness for manny reasons.

  • spend less money on diapers
  • your child becomes more independent/ responsible
  • its a good achievement for the child

When is the optimal time for potty training?

You should try to begin potty training your child at about 18 months or when he/ she begins to show signs of readiness. Sign of readiness can be

  • Having a dry diaper more often
  • sleeping through the night without pooping/ peeing
  • showing interest/ desire for using the toilet
  • showing discomfort when diaper is full
  • speaking up when they poop/ pee in diaper

Why is muscle control important?

Muscle control is important in potty training because without it children cannot hold in their poop or pee. Some children with disabilities do not gain muscle control until later therefore potty training for them must be delayed.
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What role dose self dressing play in potty training?

Self dressing helps a child become more independent and more confident with themselves. Self dressing also lays the foundation in being able to accomplish additional fine and gross motor skills.

What comes first bowel or bladder?

Bowel control comes before bladder control.

  • facial expressions

What role does encouragement play in potty training?

Giving your child encouragement when their learning to potty train or self dress is very important because it makes them want to do it and get it right. Also giving them their favorite treat or snack after is a good way to make them want to get it done faster.
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