Menstrial cycle

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Menstrial cycle

deffintion : Egg is not fertilized , the endometrium starts to break down . Old unfertilized eggs are discharged out of the female reproductive tract.

sysmptoms : Back ache , swollen or tender breast , feeling tried , bloating , food craving , join and muscle pain

follicle stage

hormine is secreted from the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland on day 5 of the menstrual cycle . FSH is then cirulated to an ovary Via the blood stream


deffition = absence of the menstural cycle

Reason = pregnant or hormonal imbalance

what causes it = Psychoogical factors , anorexia , and hormonal imbalance

symptoms =

Premenstural syndrome =

group of symptoms which are exhibited just prior to the menstrual cycle , caused by water retention in the body tissue . nervousness , mood swings , and weight gain can cause this . treated with medication and diet to reduce water retention


Term used to describe painful mensturation . Dysmerorrhea is characterized by cramps , which may be caused by excessive prouducation of an inflammatory substance such as prostaglandin . Aspirinlike will help with dysmenorrhea


"change in life" is the time in a female life when the monthly menstural cycle comes to an end . It frequwntly occurs between 45-55 . Menopause signals the end of follicle growth and ovulation , consequwntly it means the end of childbearing

Atrophy of the internal reproductive structures : uterus , fallopian tubes , and ovaries

Atrophy of the external genitalia

vagina becomes conical shaped

Atrophy of the vagianl mucous memebranes