Croydon Then And Now

BY Marianna & winter

Who were the original inhabitants and how did they live?

The Dharug people lived in a peaceful place. The men would hunt for food such as emu ,lizards, kangaroo,fish and women would gather fruits ,vegetables and plants. They would move around from place to place if they didn't have that much food.They would use animal skin for their clothing and use bark from trees to make materials and clothes. They would carve fish bones to make hooks for their fishing rods .

Who where the first settlers, why did they move into the area and how did they live?

The first settlers were the British and Europeans.They moved into the area because it wasn't very dense and they wanted to build homes and buildings so it would get very popular so they could get more money for the government.The British and Europeans use to wear big thick coatsand blazers with rolled up wigs. The settlers also wanted to stay there because the land was very flat and it was good for farming. The land had moist soil andthey introduced new animals such as sheep,cow,goat,pig and more

What are some majour events of our area?

Croydon has had many events in the past. These are some of the events.

.The post office open 100 years ago and it has a chemist inside

.The Croydon Cafe use to be a butcher

.Dorothy Cowie use to be a community hal lwhere people had meetings

.In 1788 small town settled at Roeshill

.In 1844 Croydon Public School (CPS) opened

.1793 Captain John Townson becomes the first resident of what is now Croydon with a lang grant of 0.4 square kilometres

.In 1813 a road connecting to New town Liverpool on Georges river was first routed

.mid 1870's Anthony Hordorn established brickworks on webb st and queen st

.1920s little land left mostly cleared of construction

.1891 PLC was established

what is croydon like today

Croydon use to be a forest with lots of Aboriginals .Then the British and Europeans came and everything changed.Croydon is now a happy suburb.It has lots of shops,people and old historical buildings such as the post office,Cafe on Strand that use to be a butcher.Croydon is a suburb in the inner west of Sydney in the state of NSW of Australia.Since World War 1 little has changed in Croydon.While there has been some blocks of flats built in that time.They account foronly around 10% of dwellings in Croydon.

The First Fleet

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