Our Local Hero...Helium Man!

Helium (He)

By Emma Stanphill

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Element Information

# of Protons-2

# of Electrons-2

# of Neutrons-2

# of Electron Shells-2


Nonmetal, noble gas, colorless, melting point is -272.2˚C, boiling point is -268.9˚C

Important Uses:

Filling blimps (much safer gas than hydrogen), pressurizing liquid fuel rockets, cooling medium for nuclear reactors.


Discovered by Sir William Ramsay, N.A. Langley, P.T. Cleve. Origin of name: "helios" (greek word meaning "sun")

Super Hero Abilities and Attire

  • Able to fly
  • invisible and colorless
  • able to shape into any size space
  • cool temper
  • nontoxic to all humans and super-humans
  • second lightest super human
  • turns a redish-orange glow when inside a high voltage electric field
  • fire safe (cannot burn)
  • wears a red and blue suit that he can inflate with his helium