Lab Assignment


  • Read color schemes for wiring.
  • Understand the process for creating cables.
  • Identify the tools used to create network cables.
  • Test cables using a cable tester.


Wire Diagram

Industry standards have been established to make sure that everyone who deals with the same type of technology can ensure interconnectivity. Think of standards as an agreement among all the users. This way someone making a switch or router will know exactly how the cable is wired.

There are two types of straight-through ethernet cables. One standard is used for government building which is the T568A standard and the other is used for commercial applications which is the T568B standard. We will be using the T568B standard shown in the image to the right.

Video: How to Make an Ethernet Cable

How to crimp a network cable | Cat 5 | RJ45

Create Your Own Cable:

Video: How to test your cable using a Cable Tester

BNC, RJ-11 / 12, RJ-45 Cable Testers