May 31, 2016

From YMSL Silverstar President

Happy Summer Vacation! I hope you and your son have gone onto the calendar and started reserving your volunteer opportunities. There so many great ones to be involved in! Our Philanthropy team is working diligently to “Expand our View” and look into new opportunities. They’ve done a great job so check the calendar frequently. Don’t forget to log your hours as soon as you get home and get lots of pictures and videos of your experiences and post to the private Facebook Page.

Just a reminder there are no meetings for June and July. Make sure to pay attention to the e-blasts that are sent for upcoming meeting dates and opportunities. We expect our Moms and Boys Meeting Calendar to be confirmed in the next few weeks. We will post it to the website and send it out with an e-blast.

If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me at tsivils@verizon.net.

Enjoy your summer of service!


Philanthropy News

Frisco Family Services

Please see the Silver Star homepage for the new requirements to volunteer at Frisco Family Services. You must now fill out a volunteer application, consent to a background check, and attend an orientation. The new requirements are more stringent and time-consuming, but, FFS will be offering many volunteer opportunities through their website and program. You will no longer sign up on the YMSL website to volunteer at FFS, but, will go directly to the FFS website to find a shift once you are approved as a volunteer. Please remember, you must still log your hours on the YMSL website once you have completed your time at FFS.

Shoes For Orphan Soles

Shoes For Orphan Soles provides shoes to orphans and children in need throughout the world. New dates for shifts to sort and band shoes are on the YMSL calendar for June 7 and July 20. Don’t forget to log 3 hours for philanthropy and one hour for drive time.

Friday Nite Friends

Friday Nite Friends gives parents of special needs children a much-needed night off by providing childcare, and by offering these special needs children and their siblings a night of fun. New dates for shifts on the YMSL calendar are June 10 and August 19. You must complete a background check every 2 years to volunteer at Friday Nite Friends. The form is on their website (link on calendar) and the cost is $7.


Mosaic provides a vocational center for adults with intellectual disabilities. Starting June 7, Mosaic will have shifts most every Tuesday and Thursday through the summer where moms and sons can spend time with these special needs adults by assisting them with the paper shredding project, playing games (board games, video games, or billiards), or just getting to know them and how they like to spend their day.

Seven Loaves

Seven Loaves is the food pantry at St. Andrew United Methodist Church. Please check the calendar soon for opportunities with Seven Loaves’ Summer Lunch program. They are finalizing their summer schedule and will assign us our shifts as soon as they are set.

The Stewpot

We are very excited to let you know that Silver Star has partnered with The Stewpot, a wonderful organization that has provided meals at The Bridge, a homeless assistance center in downtown Dallas for over 40 years. We have a secured a monthly Sunday lunch spot and will be putting new dates on the summer calendar for various weekday lunch and dinner shifts once the Stewpot has their summer calendar in place.

Summer is a great opportunity for moms and sons to spend some quality time together and earn some philanthropy hours. Don’t let it get by you without putting in some volunteer time!!! Please regularly check the calendar for new events as your new Philanthropy team is hard at work to provide a variety of opportunities!

Requirement Reminders from your Parliamentarian

Work Summer Hours!

The summer calendar is filled with wonderful volunteer opportunities for you and your son… a great time to get started on your hours!

As a reminder, requirements for the year are as follows:

1. 20 Philanthropy hours (10 of which must be worked with your son). 15 hours for Seniors – 7 minimum mom & son work together.

2. Up to 5 of the 20 Philanthropy hours may be earned through approved Wish List credits. (Wish List hours are NOT included in determining YE awards.)

3. Mothers must attend 3 of 5 Moms meetings in the year. For every required meeting missed, 2 philanthropy hours must be worked (after Feb 15th).

4. Boys must attend 5 of 6 Boys meetings in the year. For every required meeting missed, 2 philanthropy hours must be worked (after Feb 15th). 4 of 6 Boys meetings for Seniors.

Wishing you all a very happy summer!


The first boys' meeting is in September. Check out our website to see what your job is; you should hear from your mom mentor sometime this summer.