Apps that make learning fun

Google Classroom App

This app can be used for teachers and students to gain access to their google classroom on their phone. This will help users have access to important assignment, discussions, and announcements wherever and whenever you are!
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Classroom 101

Quizlet app

Downloading Quizlet as a app on your phone will allow students to have access to flashcards, mini games and course material all in the palm of your hands! Now studying can go with you wherever you are
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Socrative Student/Teacher

This app enables teachers to create quizzes, exit slips, and fun activities for students to engage on through the use of their smart phone. This can be a easy tool to use in a classroom scenario to have a quick assessment to get immediate feedback!
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Socrative Overview - Snow

Khan Academy: you can learn anything

This app can be used by both teachers and students to help learn a concept! If students are unclear about something learnt in class, they can use the app to watch interactive tutorial videos. Teachers can use this app in order to see main points of a concept they will be teaching in class
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Showbie: Paperless classroom

Showbie is a app that teachers, students, and parents can view feedback from assessments. Teachers and parents can keep track of their students/child's progress through their phone. This will enhance teacher/parent communication. Showbie allows users to gain constructive feedback on their learning where ever they are.
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Showbie - the paperless classroom made simple