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This Week @theStar

Bring in coats in all week for the coat drive!

  • Mismatch Spirit Day
  • Tutoring after school 3:15-4:00
  • Colonies Quiz in Social Studies


  • PJ Spirit Day---Miss McCullough is VERY excited about this one :)
  • DIBELS testing 10:30


  • What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up? Spirit Day
  • 5th Grade field trip to see A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Mathletics Event 3:50-5:00


  • Fandom Day, What are you a fan of? Spirit Day
  • Tutoring after school 3:15-4:00
  • Family Engagement Night: Giving and Games 6:00-7:30


  • Rising Star Spirit Day
  • Math MAP Assessment 10:30

Hour of Code

This week for science, we are going to spend our week CODING! What is coding? That is a fabulous question. I could explain it but I think that the video below does a wonderful job of it. If you have time to take 9 minutes, watch and see what we are going to embark on this week. I think you will want to join in on the fun!
"Code Stars" - Short Film


On Monday, we will be taking a reading assessment over the genre, Fairytales. On Tuesday, we are going to take a break and explore some interesting current events. Students will get to choose a topic of interest and read an article. Following their reading, the students will be asked to create questions for another classmate to answer. For the rest of the week, we will shift our focus to folktales.

Social Studies

We are continuing with 13 Colonies!

Monday we are taking our test over the 3 regions of the 13 Colonies! The students will be assigned a colony to research and will be displaying their findings in an I-pad App of their choice! Some of their options are I-movie, Keynote, and Chatterpix. I'm excited to see how they turn out!! The projects will be due on Thursday, December 10 with presentations on Friday! Please be sure to check with your child to see if they have been working on this assignment and if they need to continue to work on it at home as well.


We will be investigating with how to multiply and divide by 10, 100, and 1,000 and multiply whole numbers times decimals.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

On Friday, December 18, we are going to celebrate all the winter holidays by having

a White Elephant Gift Exchange. For this activity, gifts are fun or funny used items from home. Please have your child bring a wrapped gift to school this can be any used item; a toy, a book, a game, a movie, etc., something you think another 5th

grader will enjoy receiving as a gift. Wrap the gifts in wrapping paper or in a gift bag-you could also use newspapers, tissue paper or a paper bag if you do not have any wrapping paper at home.

DO NOT write who it is from and most importantly- DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHAT

IT IS! It’s a surprise! Please ask me if you have any questions!!