Español 2

April 11-15

Week 13

This week we are starting week 13 in the Spanish 2 course. All students should be starting Unit 7 this week. Unit 7 is a little bit shorter than previous units. We only have 2 units left before the end of the semester.

Important dates ...

  • May 13 - Units 5-8 will close
  • May 20 - the final exam is due and the course will close for good.

What is due this week?

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Vocabulary lists for units 5-8

The presentations that have the vocabulary are temporarily unavailable. I have posted these vocabulary lists in the course for the students to access the vocabulary.

Below are links to the vocabulary lists for Units 5-8. There is some additional presentations in the links that I am providing, but it is the best way that I know to get the lists out to you.

Unidad 5

Unidad 6

Unidad 7

Unidad 8