Algebra Combo Task

Writing equations-Modeling-Substitution-Distributive

Group Norms

1.) Read the directions for each role with your group

2.) Assist group members with their role

3.) Go in the order that the roles are listed

4.) Respect other's opinions

5.) Check your resources to confirm methods you may disagree on

6.) Stay in your seat, but raise your hand if you'd like me to check your work

Role 1-Writing equations

Writing Two Equations

1.) Write an equation using the words in the problem

2.) Write the second way (either using distributive properties or simplifying)

3.) Write the two meanings of each expression

Role 2 - Model equations

1.) Using the algebra tiles, model the expressions both ways that the person in role 1 wrote them.

2.) Take a screen shot of your algebra tiles


3.) Click in the box where you want the picture to go.

4.) On the top of the tool bar, click INSERT, then IMAGE.

5.) Click in the middle of the dotted box to search for the picture from file.

6.) Search for: screen shot 2014-12-11 and double click

Role 3 - Substitute & Model

1.) Substitute the variable in the equation with the amount given

2.) Make sure you can tell the amount that represents the variable and the amount that represents the constant.

3.) Use the directions in group 2 to take a picture of your model and insert it into the table

Role 4 - Area Model & Meanings

1.) Draw two rectangles

2.) Label the three measurements (width, length of first rectangle, length of second rectangle)

3.) Write the area inside each individual rectangle

Final Touches

1.) Rename your Google Doc with "blockalgebracombo" - no spaces or hyphens

2.) One person in the group share with the rest of your group members and me