5 Things You Need to Do in Edmodo

How Bedford will help make Edmodo even easier!

Bedford now has an Edmodo Subdomain

Now by connecting your account to the Bedford Domain, changes to students passwords, sharing information among the district, and sharing with other teachers gets easier! Contact the Bedford Help Desk (734) 850-6095 to get your school code to join our domain.
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1. Time to Update your Information

Take a look at your profile settings to make sure grade and school is correct. This will allow others to share with buildings and grade levels in the district so much easier.

2. Do you have your Bedford Email Address Attached to your Edmodo account?

By attaching your Bedford email address to your account, you are able to attach your Google drive account seamlessly - which makes sharing with students easier!
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3. Time to Archive or Delete Your Previous Groups

Now that a new year is upon us, make sure to archive or delete your previous groups that aren't active. Archiving will allow former students to still see previous group activity, but aren't allowed to add new information.

4. Remind students: DO NOT CREATE A NEW EDMODO ACCOUNT, but add a group!

Many students have several Edmodo accounts because they can't seem to remember their password, or they sign up another account for another teacher. Students only need to have one Edmodo account, where they can add class groups to their account. As we begin a new year- If students cannot remember their username, please have them contact Kim Powell (kim.powell@mybedford.us) , where she can change theircurrent password. Once they join your group, you will then be able to change their password. Students need to also add their Bedford email address to their account so their Google Drive can attach.

5. Want to brush up on your Edmodo knowledge?

We will be offering classes this fall to learn more about Edmodo basics, quizzes, and the new Snapshot assessments tailored to meet your needs.

Check out our website http://bedfordedtech.weebly.com/edmodo.html for Edmodo resources!