By: Ajay Amit


What is the engineering process to make a building?


The first thing that architects do when creating a building is design a plan. Sometimes they will use cardboard or plastic to make it and it works almost like a prototype. Once they are done with there plan they send it to the construction company and they built it based on the instructions that the architect gave them The architect will closely watch over the construction to make sure that construction will go smoothly.

In Depth

Before they send there blueprints and measurements too the construction company they put a lot of time into the blueprints. They have to consider so many types of materials and what the building is primarily going to be used for. Such as a office building they will be tempted to use either marble, wood, or metal to decorate and build the interior and exterior. For schools the layout needs to be suited for the number of people and has to have big enough walkways and classrooms so kids and teachers aren't cramped.
Another huge factor that goes into there work in the placement of safety. When you look through buildings it will most likely have specific doors or stairs and even walkways to direct people out of the building in the case of an emergency. But who makes these walkways are the architects. They not only have to design necessary requirements of the building but also the extra places used for safety.
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