Chandler Cheetahs 2016-2017

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


After spending a bit more time multiplying and dividing fractions, we will begin our unit on decimals this week. Students will generate equivalent fractions and decimals and compare and order rational numbers.

Due Friday 10/21
1. Pass 2 TTM Lessons

2. Weekly Practice wkst.

3. Problem Solving Week 7

English/Language Arts

We are starting Unit 2 this week in class. Students will examine literary works that focus on changes in our world. We have our Unit 2 Vocabulary Quiz on Friday and a study guide was sent home today.


This week we are continuing to focus on the formation of new substances. We will do a fun lab with Halloween candy to determine if the reactions we see are physical or chemical changes. We will have our Unit 5 test on Thursday. Study guides went home last week and students can always bring journals home to study.

Social Studies

We previously learned the economic impact of hurricanes in the Caribbean and elsewhere. Hopefully, the students are enjoying the online access to the Social Studies book at home. It is rich with video clips, maps, pictures, and content.

Important Dates

10/17-10/21 Book Fair

10/21 Cheetah Champion Breakfast

10/24-10/28 Red Ribbon Week

10/24 Cyber Safety Program (see below)

10/26 Health Hustle

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