Nutrition And Health: Dairy Cattle

Quality Assurance Project - Sarah Emery

Importance: Producers

Why is nutrition of dairy cattle important for producers?

  • Can make more profit off of the animal.
  • Have cattle that produce efficient products.
  • Calves are healthy after birth as well as the mother.
  • Keep consumers happy and wanting to buy the product.
  • Prevent disease , death , and digestive problems.

Importance: Consumer

Why is nutrition of dairy cattle important for consumers?
  • The best possible nutritious product.
  • Shows animals are well taken care of.
  • Healthy to consume.
  • Gives the right nutrients.
  • No disease or bacteria in products.

What should producers look for in nutritional dairy feed?

24-26% of the diet should typically be starch.
10-12% of the diet should typically be fiber.
4-6% of the diet should typically be sugar.
Corn is a main product in helping cattle with starch.



Formulate - create methodically.
Diets - proper nutrition for cattle.
Starch - carbohydrates that provide glucose.
Fiber - dietary material containing substances for nutrition.
Nutrition - the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.


Producers Should...
  • Consider Nutrient Requirement and Nutrition Availability in feeds.
  • Accurately Formulate and Manage Diets.
  • Avoid Overfeeding.
  • Keep records of feed that work effectively.
  • Find the best products that fit the nutrition required.
  • Read the requirements for dairy cattle at