Mrs. Faccio's 1st Grade Newsletter

January 29, 2016

What's Up in the Classroom?

Math - We continued our make a ten strategy this week but added in A LOT of word problems. Students used math mountains to solve their problems. A math mountain is like a triangle with the top point being the "total" number and the bottom two points being the partner numbers. They work really nicely and help the kids "see" the problem for what it is.

Reading - We've worked hard on making inferences this week. Inferences are taking background knowledge, mixing it with what we read in a book and drawing a conclusion that makes sense about the characters or plot. We read nonfiction and fiction texts as well as a poem. The students did VERY well!

Writing - This week we took stock of our writing. We used other readers to help add and subtract to our writing. This helped to find confusing parts and missing words. We also focused on "hooking" our readers with good leads. Students used riddles, interesting facts and questions to introduce their writing.

Spelling - Tests went home Friday with your child's spelling score. They did a really nice job. Keep practicing those words!! New words will be in your child's reading book bag on Monday.

Yearbook Forms

Just a note that yearbook forms are due on Monday, February 1. If you'd like to order a book, send the form in by Monday.

Valentine's Day

It's almost here!! I love this holiday ~ It's so much fun (especially here at school)! Students will be having a Valentine exchange. This is optional but I ask that if your child participates, they include all the students in our class. Our exchange will be during the last half hour of the day. Here's a list of all our students:

Caleb, Ciara, Devyn, Ella, Finn, Gavin, Haley, Isabel Jayda, Kendal, Laila, Landon, Lauren, Lloyd, Megan, Mira, Stella, Trenton, Ty, Wyatt and Zach.

Sledding Fun

Spring Carnival Note From Our PTO

Spring Carnival is quickly approaching on Friday, March 11th. It provides an evening of fun and games for all the families of Forest Glen. There are games, raffles, a silent auction, a bouncer, and a pizza dinner - all at family friendly prices! However, in order for this evening to happen, much work must be done. The carnival committee is looking for help in various ways. If you are interested in helping in any of the following areas, please contact Kathy Schommer at There will be a general call for volunteers to work the carnival coming in the next few weeks. Please consider volunteering in some way - it takes more than 100 people working a few hours that night to make the carnival a success. Our immediate needs are:

  • DONATION COORDINATOR: We are in desperate need of someone who is spreadsheet savvy to coordinate the donations as they come in, field questions about donation pick-up/drop-off, and merge a thank you letter to the database of donors. A majority of this work is completed before the carnival and can be done mostly from home.
  • Veil/crown assembly: headpieces are sold at carnival as part of the fundraiser. They are made from wire garland and curling ribbon. We are looking for two or three people who would be willing to work on assembling these at home in the next month. All supplies and directions will be given.
  • Facepainting: This has always been a big draw at the carnival. We are looking to increase the number of face painting stations at the carnival. We are looking for those with a talent in this area who would be willing to volunteer their time and talent the evening of the carnival.
  • Shamrock Search: We are looking for someone to coordinate the "Shamrock Search" this year. This is an activity where every student receives a shamrock in school before the carnival. At the carnival, these shamrocks are turned in for prizes based on the marking on the shamrock. The coordinator would complete the marking and distribution of the shamrocks along with the prize selection.
  • Raffle/Silent Auction: We are looking for someone to coordinate the tables and basket listings for the raffle and silent auction. This person would also supervise item pick-up and check-out.

Thank you for considering this request - many hands make light work!

Kathy Schommer

Report Cards

Report cards are available for view on Power School. It is important to understand that the benchmarks are end of the year targets. If you see your child is at a 2, this simply means they are learning these skills so they are proficient by the end of the year. Also, many of the lifelong learning benchmarks are graded 1 - 3 with a 4 being unattainable at this level. The students are so young still so many of the grades for this particular skill only go up to a 3.