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This Baby is HERE!!!

So - I don't normally pop in your email but once a month, but you are about to see a TON of press (if you haven't already) about our newest product. I am here to give you the skinny - what it is

- what makes it so incredible

- WHY you are hearing so much about it

- HOW to get your hands on it!

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What is it???

REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ Skincare for Expression Lines (lip tracks, crows feet, parenthesis, eleven's) is an adhesive patch you apply at night over an unwanted wrinkle.

When used at night, these treatment patches fit comfortably under the eye, above the lip, forehead, or anywhere you have expression lines that you don't love, to quickly and painlessly smooth away wrinkles for a naturally younger-looking appearance.

REDEFINE Acute Care produces visible results in the majority of users from just one use! At a fraction of the price and in your pajamas a few times per week over the course of a month, results last up to three months. If you have a special event... wedding, graduation, hot date night... Acute Care is here to save you!

How it Works!

NO NEEDLE REQUIRED! NO trip to the dermatologist or spa. NO preservatives, gluten-free, & latex-free. While you sleep, each Acute Care patch holds more than one hundred microscopic liquid cones that melt into lines and wrinkles for smoother, more youthful looking skin.

We are the only company with this patented, targeted delivery system called Liquid Cone Technology. Each liquid cone holds hyaluronic acid and 1% oligopeptide-1 + 99% Hyaluronic Acid in solid form until it comes into contact with skin. Upon contact, the cone melts into the skin and into the wrinkle. What is Hyaluronic Acid, you ask? It is a substance that is naturally present in our bodies - and also what is delivered through scary long needles in what we call "fillers").

YES, it is GUARANTEED for 60-days like all our other products!

One-Time Use Acute Care Results #nofilter

How Can I Get It? - 2 Options!

CONSULTANTS ONLY SPECIAL: Yep...you can get paid to share this as well. And yes, we are the first, and only ones doing this... and it's proprietary to us, so your network can ONLY get it from YOU as a R+F consultant! All new business owners can already start enjoying the benefits of Acute Care in our RFx Express or Big Business Launch Kits. click here for details.

So let me ask you, how many people do you know who smile, frown, think really hard or sleep on their sides and faces, creating facial lines that don’t go away? Now let me ask you, would you like a piece of that market? If so, we need to chat NOW so you too can leverage the launch of this innovate and life-changing product!

Additionally, from September 23rd - 27th ONLY, consultants will have the opportunity to purchase additional supplies of Acute Care.

PREFERRED CUSTOMER MEMBERS-ONLY SPECIAL: You love your PC Perks and don't currently have an interest in our business, but want to get your hands on Acute Care? All current Preferred Customers will have the opportunity to purchase Acute Care at wholesale cost ($165) which is an additional 15% off of your normally fantastic discount. This Flash Sale will occur beginning October 27th WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

(This flash sale is not eligible for your replenishment order and will incur a shipping charge. It is FULLY guaranteed for 60-days.)

***Respond to this email with an "I want it" and quantity (each box contains 20 patches/10 pairs) and I will take care of ordering it for you on October 27th.***

OPEN STOCK: Available January 2015
Retail: $220
Preferred Customer: $198

Consultant: $165

Contact me TODAY to secure yours!!



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