D-Day, 6-6-1944

The beaches of Normandy, France.

The Idea

On Monday, 6-5-1944 the allied troops were supposed to invade France to compromise the Nazi Germany military takeover, but due to bad weather the attack was moved to, Tuesday, 6-6-1944. We will be talking about Omaha Beach, though several others were invaded by allied troops this American invaded beach was the bloodiest and the most brutal.


Tuesday, June 6th 1944 at 6:30am-6:30pm

Normandy, France

At 6:30 AM the first of three waves of American men arrived on shore and were hammered by German machine guns and lots of the first wave were considered lucky if they got off their landing boat alive. Then at 6:45 AM the second wave landed and also had heavy loss. The tide was pushing up and they had to push up against the germans who were sure to win. Around Noonish they were up to the bunkers of the germans and were trying to hike up that huge hill they were on. The germans planted mines in the ground before the attack causing the Americans trouble. Around the afternoon a 51 year old important American general arrived with some crew and helped push up the beach. They some how some way threw off the germans and overtook the beach. The Americans had won the battle. Known as D-Day, Omaha Beach. Around 2,000 of America's finest young men were killed that day.