Technology News

Term 3


Wow what a crazy, busy and exciting term it has been for technology across Cronulla South Public School!

Thanks to the P&C we now have an additional 18 iPads to add to our ever increasing collection. This mobile technology allows students to communicate and collaborate in group work settings and create content that is innovative and demonstrates their understanding in creative ways.

We have also added to our ever increasing collection of technology 2 HoverCam's. The HoverCams can be used as an instant viewing/recording tool on the interactive white board. Student work samples can be displayed to the class for all to see, picture books can be viewed on the large screen, live recording of science experiments (for example, live viewing of worms & tadpoles in their natural settings, viewing changes in chemical compounds etc.) the possibilities are endless.

With the ever increasing range of technology in education, the staff at CSPS have developed a 'Technology Team'. This team will be leading professional development on innovative and useful tools to use in the classroom setting, researching how we can continue to develop students skills in ICT and embed student entered teaching practices across all key learning areas in all stages.

Some new and exciting Apps we are using

This term teachers across all stages have begun to experiment with the use of screen casting apps for education. This criteria of apps allows for students to re-teach a concept they have learnt to others. This allows for reinforcement of the lessons topic/outcome and provides a resource for other students to re-watch core topic lessons again until they grasp the concept.

Students in Stage 3 have also been introduced to basic web creation applications and sites. Through learning about website design students are able to critically evaluate peers work as well as discuss the effectiveness and reliability of current websites. They are now displaying research tasks in creative ways that were not possible previously and learning ICT skills that prepare them for the future.

A very exciting new development across the school is the use of Google Classroom in teaching and learning experiences. Teachers and students are communicating in 21st century ways. Homework and assignment tasks are delivered, submitted and marked online. Students are given lesson directions and links to independent and group tasks through this virtual classroom platform. The possibilities for open education are only limited by the imagination.

Look at what we've been doing!

Websites using 'weeblyedu'

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"At the beginning of the term Miss Logan set us a task to sell a planet in the solar system. I chose Mercury and had to find out information about it. Learning how to create my own website was an awesome experience and taught me about how to use persuasive language."

- Tara Napper

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"Learning how to make websites is good because you will need it for the future in high school and for business."

- Rory Cole

Screen castings using Educreations

Year 1 iMovie trailers

Where the Wild Things Are - Kurt Fing

Digital Flyers using 'smoreedu'

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