The Longmore Learners

Week of April 4th

Jefferson City Field Trip

There were a few pieces of information that came home on Friday about the field trip. There was a letter concerning the logistics of the field trip. There was a permission form for students to take their electronics with them. Our main concern is that parents know what devices students are taking in case of items becoming lost. I will contact parents individually for student release forms. I am still missing a few of these. As of right now, our traveling classroom will be Mrs. Thies' class. We are very excited (I can attest to that), but please remind students that we still have a lot of work we have to complete before Thursday.

Make A Wish

There was supposed to be a flier that went home on Friday about next week being a fund raiser for Make a Wish. It will go home on Monday. Since Monday is picture day, they will just be doing dress Springy. The remainder of the spirit days are in the calendar below. On Thursday, we have the field trip, so have students wear their Castlio shirts if possible.

This Week In Math

We started Topic 13 this week. We got to lesson 13-5 and came to a standstill on Friday. I had more than 50% not understand this lesson, so we will be reviewing it a little on Monday before going forward with 13-6. I hope to get through lesson 13-9 on Friday, even with field trip. That would put our topic test next week next week Wednesday (April 13th). This topic is the transfer of fractions to decimals, so if students struggled with fractions, they will find these skillsets difficult as well.

This Week In ELA

Read Aloud
The read aloud book for this unit is the City of Ember. The chapters are pretty long and we are having some difficulty getting through the book at the pace we are supposed to. I will read as much as I can as quickly as I can and still discuss the reading skills that we need to teach.

We will start a new Unit of Study this quarter. It is a science unit and it is based around energy. There are quite a few interesting labs during this unit as well. I feel these are important, so we will get to them. We will do the Solar Ovens (assuming the weather cooperates) this week. We talked about Energy last week, and we will be discussing the types of energy that can generate electricity this week.

The main writing of this unit is opinion writing. We completed a "flash draft" of an opinion piece with the thesis, "I like ice cream." We started the process of developing an opinion for whether it would you would rather wrestle an alligator or a black bear. We will finish our evidence on Monday and complete the "flash draft" as well. I hope to get one more opinion piece written of their choice next week as well, with another flash draft done on Friday.

Small Reading Groups

We started our non-fiction books this week and we are cruising. Students are completing a packet, specific to non-fiction texts, but we will hopefully be done by the end of this week. I will try to meet with groups on Friday to discuss the next fiction book. Again, there is no calendar for this unit of reading, we discuss in group what is required for the next time we meet. Students should be writing these assignments in their Guided Reading Notebooks.

Neon Green:

Spelling Week 27

Suffix: -al/-ly

al is a Latin suffix meaning “relating to; other forms of this suffix include -tial and – cial which are pronounced /shul/, and –ual pronounced /chooul/.

ly is an Anglo-Saxon suffix meaning "like or manner of". It usually forms an adverb which modifies a verb.

artificial, poetically, dramatically, athletically, essential, financial, periodically, repeatedly, quarterly, official (office change e to i=cial ending)

Weekly Calendar

Monday, April 4th
Day 1 Art

Tuesday, April 5th
Day 2 - Gym
Maker Space Day
6:15 PTO Meeting in the Learning Commons

Wednesday, April 6th
Day 3 - Music - don't forget your recorder and binder

Thursday, April 7th
Jefferson City Field Trip. Be at school by 7:30 am

Friday, April 8th

3:00 MAP Kick off
Day 2 - Gym
Mentor Sentences
Dictation Sentences today
Update Data Binders
Depending on weather, we will do our solar ovens

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