Marion Groberg

By: Marion Groberg

Positive Self-Esteem

Positive self-esteem is very important in life because it motivates you to do more and to get better every step of the way. It encourages you and helps you get through the day.

Who am I

I am 13 years old. I love to play softball, basketball, and run x country. I also love to watch sports with my family. I value a great education,family, and friends. I love food. I play Hotshotz softball 14u with my friends Caroline and Kenzie.
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Personality traits

I love to play softball, basketball, and run x country. I love pizza especially deep dish. I love going to new and old places. I am very cheerful and spunky. I love learning new things especially in science. I dislike Chinese/Asian food. I also dislike bees and anything buggy that stings. I am interested in making a career in a science major or a vet. I value friends and family and a good education.
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4 Person Matches

1. Architect

2. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

3. General Dentist

4. Textbook Author, Drafting and Design Technology

Career Clusters

1. Science and Math

2. Biotechnology/ Research and Development

3. Engineering and Technology

4. Design/Pre-Construction

5. Environmental Service Systems

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Working Environments For Career Clusters

Architect-Coordinates around engineering projects

Biological Scientist- Work regular hours in offices or labs

Historians-Works around museums or work projects

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Learning Styles

My learning styles are Auditory and Visual Learner. These fit best with my personality because I learn a lot when people are talking to me and when people are showing me how to do things that I need to learn. Knowing your learning style can help you because you can learn more from learning what your learning style is.

Connect success to respect & confidence to independence

When you are successful in life you gain respect from your peers. When you are confident in life you gain more and can be independent which means more successful.


Pride means inflated sense of one's personal status or accomplishment.Pride in your work produces a great product and a happy life. It helps motivate you to do more and better. It builds confidence and great success.


Personality really affects your career choice because if you don't pick the right career for your personality then you will not like your career.