Patricia Nuñez Ruiz


Venice is in the north of Italy (in Europe). It is a medium-size city. it´s got approximetly 264.579 inhabitants.

Weather and cimate

The climate in Venice is humid subtropical climate. In winter it is cold and in summer it is very hot.


Venice is an old city. It was founded in 5th century. It has a lot of monuments and things to see. Venice is famous for its canals. It is also famous for its bridges.

List the main attractions

In Venice:

-You can see Grand Canal.

-There are 4 bridges

-Venice has got more monuments

-You can find palaces

Leisure and entertainment

There are a lot of things to do in Venice. You can sightseeing. You can also walk around the city.


The main industry is tourism. Tourist love details and they buy a lot of things.

Personal opinion and recomendation

I think Venice is a wonderful place. Come on and enjoy it!!
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