Shepard Staff Updates

April 12, 2019

To Do and Thank You

To Do (New):

1. Make sure you send your money to Kylee or Ashley for the volunteer appreciation luncheon.

2. Get ready for TTESS goal conferences - everyone should have an email from Kristin or I regarding what to bring.

To Do (Old):

1. Get ready for data digs.

2. Make sure your personal trade hours are all updated and in MLP. Every staff member scheduled to work on November 19th and April 22nd should have 7.5 personal and 7.5 campus trade hours.

3. Make sure that you are wearing your badge in a visible place and checking that your grade level doors are locked everyday (The auditor may walk around to check this on April 15th).

Thank You:
1. Thank you to everyone for your flexibility and teamwork during STAAR testing!

2. Thank you to Kristin and Dee for organizing/ordering delicious pizza!

3. Thank you to everyone who jumped in to help with coverage for STAAR and when Kulsum had to leave work suddenly!

4. Thank to Marty for rescuing fifth grade by finding a working printer!

Upcoming Dates

Week of April 15:

April 15: Fire drill, TTESS conferences with Kristin, 5th grade field trip to Perot Museum, progress reports go home

April 16: TTESS conferences with Kate, Mission Control for STAAR

April 17: Vertical Team/Staff Meeting

April 18: Data Dig - C; campus audit (auditor will walk the building to check that doors are locked and teachers are wearing badges), High Tech/High Touch in Kinder

April 19: NO SCHOOL!

Week of April 22:

April 22: NO SCHOOL!

April 23: TTESS Conferences with Kate

April 24: TTESS Conferences with Kristin

April 25: Kristin and Kate off campus all day for Marzano HRS Training, 1st grade field trip to the Dallas Zoo, Alice in Wonderland for 3-5 at 9:45

April 26: Data dig - D; 11:00-1:00 Volunteer Luncheon, Alice in Wonderland for K-2 at 8:00

Big picture