Taylor Catoe 11-17-98

Philippians 4:13


Hi, my name is Taylor. I am 16 years of age. I was born in Camden on 11-17-98. My parents are Ronnie and Renee Catoe. My dad is one of the biggest influences in my life because i can talk to him about anything and he always does his best to lead me in the right path.


I am athletic... I think

For example, I wrestle around the country. I wrestle all year around.

Another example, when I am not wrestling i am lifting weights.

Active Groups

For example, I am apart of the Cardiac Kids USA wrestling club at Spring Valley High School.

Another example is, I go to other schools and colleges and wrestle with high-level athletes


1958- My Dad was born

1963-J.F.K. was assassinated

1966-My Mom was born

1970-gas is $0.40

1972-Watergate Scandal

1973-Vietnam war ended

1976-My Dad graduated high school

1977- Elvis died

1986-My Mom graduated high school

1989- My parents got married

1998-I was born


2002-Bush was elected president

2008-Obama was elected president

2010-I started middle school

2010-I started wrestling

2013-the Pope resigned

2014-I took second at AAU State Championship

Goal for 2020

My goal for 2020 is to make the Olympics in Greco-Roman wrestling.