Lewis & Clark Update

Here's the Scoop-Stay in the Loop

Week at a Glance-September 19-23

1. Social Work & Olweus Overview-After school Monday @ 3:10. Paras are encouraged to attend.

2. Wednesday~Dismissal at 1:30pm. Paras~Please let me know if you plan to stay and help with Early Out Club.

3. Picture Day on Thursday! Smile!!

4. Sarah Bry (our new instructional coach) will be here on Thursday afternoon to meet with 3rd & 4th grade teachers! Topic: Jan Richardson's Comprehension Strategies

4. Team Leader Meeting-Thursday @ 3:10

Reminder: Backpacks are to be hung on coathooks before students head to breakfast or early morning activities! All hands on deck with reminders, please! Teach and reteach...Teach and reteach! :)


All seems to be going well with the process of our fall assessments! Classroom teachers~Thanks for scheduling and administering your classroom's STAR Reading and Math tests. If you need assistance or would like someone to be in your room to help with a testing session, please let me know.

Team leaders have updated our grade level data grids. Please enter your assessment data onto your grade level spreadsheet ASAP. Cassie Eriksmoen is our building data steward and is attending a morning training session on Thursday, September 22nd. The more data she has on the grids at that time, the better!! ALL DATA MUST BE ENTERED BY WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th! We will be meeting by grade levels on Thursday (the 29th) for our MTSS meetings.

I have promised Cassie that although she is officially now called a DATA STEWARD, she will always be our DATA PRINCESS!

And, once again, if needed, I get to be our Data Cruella! :0

MTSS THURSDAY (September 29th)

Next week, we will follow this schedule for our MTSS Meetings:

8:30-9:25 2nd Grade

9:30-10:25 Kindergarten

10:30-11:25 3rd Grade

Lunch for MTSS Team

12:00-12:55 1st Grade

1:00-1:55 4th Grade

2:00-2:55 5th Grade