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Staff and Partner Bulletin May 12, 2016

This Week at REA

The Week in the REA Community

Monday, May 9, 2016 (A Day)

8:30-9:25- Hunter in Orange Pod First Floor

Connie Solano in Data Room to help link

OGT Scores have returned
Seventh Grade Field Trip

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 (B Day)

7:55 Staff Meeting- Credit Recovery Lab

8:30-9:25- Hunter in Orange Pod Second Floor

9:30: Daisy Chain Tapping

12:00 Mental Health Conference

2:00 Reading with the Principal- Blue Pod

4:00 Myers out of the building EIP

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 (A Day)

7:45- ILT Meeting- Library

8:30-9:25—Hunter in Green Pod Second Floor

Data Meetings

4:00 Admin Meeting

Thursday, May 12, 2016 (A DAY)

Women's Empowerment Conference - Ed Center with certain HS Students

8:00 PSC Committee

8:30-9:25—Hunter in Blue/Yellow Pod Second Floor
12:00 GAIC Tutor Party- Art Room

4:00 LSDMC Library

Friday, May 13, 2016 (B Day)

Team Meetings

8:55- Reflection Meeting Seventh and Eighth Grade

King's Island Field Trip High School

2:00 Myers out of building to meet with Lofton Coach's meeting

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Looking Ahead At REA

Next Week:

Dr. Harris in Columbus

Week of May 16
Senior Exams
Monday: 4:00 GAIC Meeting Conference Room

Tuesday: Senior Exams

Tuesday: Primary Reflection

Tuesday: Read With the Principal

Wednesday: Senior Exams

Thursday: Principal Leadership

Friday: Class Day

Friday: Myers leaves 1:30 due to Admin Meeting at Ed Center

Friday: Team Meetings

End of year stuff

  • Senior Exams: Please look to email for the senior exam schedule. Please note, senior exams actually have to last until 12:15 if we start at about 9:45. This means on the B day, we will have to go until that time. On the other days, students will be dismissed at 12:21 which starts fourth bell. Additionally, please note, if you are supervising any exam, students are expected to be quiet to respect the time other students may need. Please be sure to do this for all of our exams. Please be prepared to turn in a copy of your exam to the office, and it will be on the check out list.
  • Regular Exams: Please look to email for the schedule and we will put one in your box and post it around the building. Sorry for the delay. We will be asking for a copy of exams if they are not district exams. Please be prepared to have this checked off on your check out sheet.
  • Graduation sign ups: We need everyone's help to pull off the big show. Please sign up with Ms. Harris.
  • Check out sheet will be out on Monday.
Thank you for all that you are doing to have us end strong.


-So what I really feel like writing is probably not appropriate, however, you do realize based on our position on a map and the school layout, that our "preparedness and drill" for a tornado is -- Shall I say interesting?

HOWEVER, We have to do Tornado Drills. We have not done them before. Here is the plan:

1. All Yellow Pod First Floor and Blue Pod First Floor will go down what I call the Misty Griffith Stairs in the Yellow Pod.

2. All Green Pod first Floor needs to exit to the back staircase FIRST followed by seventh and eighth grade.

3. The entire second floor are going to the middle staircase.

4. Ms. Flohr, Ms. Dohme, Ms. Allstater, Mr. Rowlette, and anyone on the first floor with classes need to report to the "Daycare" staircase. This means that Daycare will go first and our students will be next. Please carefully monitor student behavior.

So, this is interesting, but please try your best to keep the students quiet. If they are on the stairs, please have them sit.

We will call the drill on FRIDAY AT 2:45. Please wait for the announcement or alarm.

Two additional positions for next year. Tech Coordinator and Testing Coordinator HS. Please email Mrs. Myers by Monday, May 16th if you are interested.

Professional Learning Communities Book- Staff Meeting Reading - May 24th

Chapter 2 talks about shared mission, vision, and goals which are on pages 23-29. It is really short and an easy read. We are going to looking at our mission, our vision, and to establish three goals as we go into next year.

Roster Verification for LINKING is due MAY 17TH. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS ASAP.

Summer Reading Part Two

Please spend NEXT WEEK, getting the actually copies of the summer reading and summer math to the proper grade levels. This means if you currently teach seventh grade, the copies need to go to the sixth grade students. If you currently teach ninth grade, the copies need to go to the eighth graders. WE WILL SUPPLY SUBS if you want to go down or over to talk to the students. It would make better sense, however, if you would flip with your colleague. This means for example, Jenny Stehlin can flip for five minutes with Beth Schnell to get in front of those students. If this is not going to work, ask Pat for sub support and we will send them your way. Please collaborate with your cooperating teacher.

BLT (ILT) Suggestions that need to be Action Steps for all staff

PLEASE REVIEW: ILT Has made some decisions around this. Please review the document in the Google Drive and also with your team leader. We have completed Step 4 on our BLT form, and have suggestions to tackle the major issue around student attendance. We have created specific action steps that each staff member must support and implement as we progress to the end of this school year and into the next school year. By September 16th of the next school year, we will analyze attendance data and determine if we have improved student attendance, or if we need to implement further strategies and begin another five step process. Please review the strategies and speak with your ILT representative about your concerns and support for these strategies. It takes everyone to consistently implement these strategies for us to move student attendance. Please review:
  • Current Reality: VT is the only one who can file truancy letters, possibility of committee for attendance only to complete letters from PowerSchool and mail merge and review data.)
  • Rewards/Incentives for good attendance that are team bound for students and are administrative bound for Parents- Have a Parent Awards Assembly that includes attendance
  • Parent Incentives: Phone calls during testing, parent communication, personal relationship (parents don't know the VT) speaking to parent (not voicemail), drill down to all phone numbers and email to actually reach the parent and getting a response to increase two way communication which is an OTES standard.
  • Incentive for students that have accurate phone numbers in PS: Popcorn party for students that have accurate numbers in PowerSchool: once September, one in January (System for adults to enter the information), School messenger by Myers for report where numbers come up disconnected (about 80 out of 600 current students have disconnected numbers - out of minutes, voicemail full), advisory call their list in the fall to verify numbers.
  • Remind 101: Each advisor or K-6 classroom teacher set up Remind 101 groups to send messages to their students in advisory and their parents.
  • Advisors, teams could send "I miss you" cards through Snail Mail. Students in class have to all sign it for the students who are missing.
  • Other suggestions that can assist with student attendance.

BLT Suggestion

There was a suggestion with all the initiatives that the district is having, can we review some common basic things like the bell schedule, device handout and even the initiative above. Please complete the following link to provide feedback. Please complete this by the end of the day on May 30th. Thanks for helping all of us improve. Great suggestion. https://docs.google.com/a/cpsboe.k12.oh.us/forms/d/1939HSA3RcIM7PgINUL6lTH7LX7X_RN7cVWBECmFC2Zc/viewform

Are you winning the Biggest Loser???? Get Weighed in. Contest ends May 15th. Keep it Healthy!!

Professional Development Opportunities

Upcoming Mayerson Classes from the PD Committee:

Co-teaching Roundtable: Interested in learning about co-teaching. Here are some dates to keep in mind:

5/11/16: Becoming a Co-Teaching Model in Your Building