Weather Closure & Late Start Info

When will we know if school will start late or is closed?

We strive to notify you as quickly as possible when there is a closure or late start. Our students, staff and family safety is our first priority when making these decisions. We make our decisions based on the weather and road conditions in our district, which can be completely different than a neighboring districts.

When possible we will notify you the night before if we are going to start late or be closed for the day. If we are unable to notify you the night before, we will send an email, text message, and post information on FB, Instagram and Twitter before 6am.

If you don't hear from us by 6am you can ASSUME that we are on time and all bus routes are running as normal, there is NO need to call the school and check!

In rare circumstances conditions can change after 6am, such as the power going out. If that happens will will immediately send out an "urgent" message to families through our normal process. We will also include a voice message.

Please note, if we have snow routes in the morning we will have them in the afternoon regardless of the weather. Click on the link below for our snow route locations and times

Inclement Weather Schedule

It's that time of year when we will start to have weather events (power outages, wind storms, icy roads, and snow) that prevent us from having school.

When we have emergency events we have two options:

  1. Late Start - school will start at 10:30am.
  2. Closed for the day - if it is unsafe to drive on the roads, power is out, etc.

Late Start

If we have a late start day due to the weather, the bus will be at your child's normal stop two hours later than their normal pickup time. If the route is modified, we will notify you when we send out the delay notice.

What if we have late start on our regular Monday late start days? School will start at 10:30 as described above. Expect the bus to arrive an hour later than normal for late start Mondays.

Please take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the alternative locations at the following webpage: Inclement Weather Bus Routes

Closed for the Day - Make Up Days

If we have to close for the day, we are required by state law to make up the days. We build the make up days into our calendar. For this year they are on: February 18th, May 27th and June 15-17. We will notify families a couple of weeks prior to any makeup days so you can plan your calendar accordingly.


We will send out a message on school messenger (text and email) along with a link to this newsletter.

If you are not getting text messages for our newsletter and would like to sign up, please check out the directions at the bottom of this newsletter.

This only works if:

1) your cell number is already on file with the district

2) you have opted in

3) you have indicated it is your primary number

Alternatively you can email Mr. Cravy with your child's name AND your cell number, he will update your information:

What if I can't get my student to school or to the alternative bus stop?

There will be times when the roads and weather create problems for those driving their students to school, getting out of driveways, etc. We want you and your children to be safe. If you feel it's unsafe for you to leave your home and drive your student to school, please use Pick Up Patrol and report your student's absence as weather related so we can excuse them.

Information from our transportation department on how parents can help ensure their student's are safe on the bus

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