BA High School Counselor News!

Meet Your Students Counselor!

Jennifer Tassell Hebert

Jenny Hebert is the counselor for 9th and 10th grade and also works with seniors doing college counseling. She has been at Balboa Academy for 7 years. She has her Masters in School Guidance and Counseling and is an alum of Balboa Academy, class of 2001.

Gloria Ducreux

Gloria Ducreux is the 11th and 12th grade counselor and is also a founder of Balboa Academy. Gloria has her masters in Psychology. Gloria has been at Balboa since day 1 and this is her 17th year. Prior to that she worked as a kindergarden teacher with DODDS schools here in Panama.

Welcome 9th graders to the High School. Survival tips for their first year.

This is such a thrilling and important transition for them, but it can also be very overwhelming at first. Ninth grade is a pivotal year academically. How they do in ninth grade can sometimes set the tone on how they will do the following years in high school, so it is very important that they put 100% of themselves into their academics as this is the beginning of their high school transcripts. Ninth grade is just as important as Junior or Senior year as far as the effect it has on the student's Grade Point Average.


To help them stay organized they should be using an agenda. If they don’t have one already please make sure that they get one. Also, we encourage you to log on regularly to EDLINE in order to keep informed of your child’s progress in their classes. If they are falling behind at any time or requiring extra help, every teacher offers tutoring after school in the individual classes.

  • Tutoring is offered every weekday except for Wednesday and they need to inform their teacher beforehand if they plan on staying for help. If you can not log on to EDLINE please e-mail me and let you know and I can help you get a new Username or Password.


In the High School we also put a lot of emphasis on attendance. As high schoolers they are given more independence than they received in Middle School and with this independence comes responsibility. If they miss a day of school they are responsible for talking to each one of their teachers and requesting the work they missed. They have to make up that work in the time allotted by the teacher. If they do not make up this work, it will drastically affect their grades. I understand there is a learning curve when making this transition to the high school and we will help them as much as we can, but please do not allow your son or daughter to miss school unless absolutely necessary. If you have a planned absence, please make sure your student gets their work before they leave or check their classes daily assignments through EDLINE.

Community Service

One of the graduation requirements that I discussed with your child is community service. Every High School student is required to do at least 20 hours of community service a year. They can do this on their own or with opportunities that are offered through the school. In the morning announcements at school they list community service opportunities daily.

Please let me know if I can help in anyway. I look forward to a great year with your student!

MAP Testing for 9th Graders Next Week!!

All 9th graders will be taking their standardized test that they take at the beginning and end of each school year. This test measures their academic progress in the following areas:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Language Usage
  • Math
They will start testing on Monday the 21st and will finish Thursday the 24th. Please make sure they do not miss school on these days. Also it is very important that they have a complete breakfast in order to maximize their mental capacity for these days!

The Colleges Are Coming! Please check out the opportunities below!

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Last Thursday BA Hosted 18 Universities who taught our parents and students about US College Admissions!

Please see photos below!

Don't Stress Out, We've Got It!!

Mrs. Ducreux and Mrs. Hebert have been meeting with students in small groups to train them how to recognize and manage healthy and unhealthy levels of anxiety/stress. This week we met with every 11th grader and over the next few weeks we will meet with every single student in the High School.
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A sneak peak of what Colleges are coming to BA in the next couple of months....


  • Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan
  • New School of Architecture and Design, San Diego, CA
  • Media Design School, New Zealand
  • Sante Fe University of Art and Design, New Mexico
  • Domus Academy, Milan
  • Glion Institute of Higher Ed, Switzerland
  • La Roches School of International Hotel Management, Switzerland, Spain, and China
  • Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, Jordan
  • Kendall College, Chicago
  • Boston University, MA
  • Mass. College of Art and Design, MA
  • Emmanuel College, MA
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology, MA
  • Simmons College, MA


  • University of Virginia, VA
  • Babson College, MA
  • John Hopkins University, MD
  • University of Southern California, CA
  • Northeastern University, MA
  • Amherst College, MA
  • Davidson College, NC
  • Kenyon College, OH
  • Ohio University, OH
  • Endicott College, MA
  • Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida
  • Sarah Lawrence College, NY


  • University of British Colombia, Canada

What did you say? This is amazing and how can my child sign up for these visits? Easy solution....NAVIANCE. Please read below.


Naviance is a web portal that all Balboa Academy High School students have access to. Balboa Academy hosts 100's of University visits every year and all students can register for these college visits through their Naviance. Students gain access to Naviance 2nd semester 9th grade and up. Please talk to your child and have them log in to their Naviance to show you all the schools that will be visiting BA this semester.
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