School District of Tomahawk

End of the School Year Pickup and Drop-off

Elementary (grades PK-5)

All grade levels June 2, 3, 4 3:00-6:00

Middle School

Grade 6 June 2 3:00-6:00

Grade 7 June 3 3:00-6:00

Grade 8 June 4 3:00-6:00

High School

Grade 12 May 27 3:00-5:00

Grade 9 June 2 3:00-5:00

Grade 10 June 3 3:00-5:00

Grade 11 June 4 3:00-5:00

Please follow these guidelines:

  • One family per vehicle
  • HS: Enter the circular driveway leading to the Main High School Entrance. (Door #23)
  • MS: Pick up will take place outside of the TMS Office Entrance (Door #2)
  • Elem: In front of Main Elementary Office Entrance (Door #8)
  • Provide your first and last name to the School Personnel - You may print your name on a piece of paper and hold it up to your window.
  • The school representative will place your order inside your vehicle - rear window or trunk.
  • If you are not able to pick-up on the dates provided alternate arrangements will be made at a later date.
  • Place textbooks, library books, school calculators, school art supplies, chrome books, in a bag/box with the student name on the contents. Label band instruments. Place place items in the back seat or trunk for collection. School staff will exchange contents.

High School Specifics:

  • Seniors will return Chromebooks. Seniors should make arrangements with their counselor if they need their Chromebook beyond May 27th to complete coursework. Grades 9-11 will keep Chromebooks during the summer months.

  • Yearbooks will be distributed with the student locker contents.

  • Senior Activity Banners (Athletics & Drama) will be distributed with student locker contents.

Middle School Specifics:

  • All 8th Grade Students need to return their Chromebooks. If you need a Chromebook beyond June 4th please contact the middle school office.

  • Yearbooks will be distributed with student locker contents.

Elementary School Specifics:

  • All 4th & 5th Grade Students need to return their Chromebooks.

  • Yearbooks will be distributed with student owned materials.

  • All students may return work/materials/library books/other school owned resources