@Trailside Library

November 2022

Thankful for Trailside

November is a time to be thankful and I am thankful for the wonderful Trailside community I live and work in.

  • Scholastic Bookfair wrap up from October
  • Battle of the Books Update
  • New Books in the Library

I hope you know that I adore reaching out to your child and hopefully igniting a love of reading and libraries. Trailside students love to read and I am so lucky to be their librarian.,


Bookfair Run By Kids for Kids

If you shopped, you know the fair was mostly student-managed. I am so grateful and proud of the students who volunteered. They really learned and mastered many cashier responsibilities. They were proud to help raise money for their beloved library. Thank you also to the parent volunteers. It made all the hard work fun. Thanks as always for supporting the library.

Scholastic Bookfair Wrap-up

The Scholastic bookfair was a success. Thank you to all who helped make it a success. The library made our goal of $5,000 in sales. In fact it was over. The final update will come next newsletter. It will include how much money that means for our battle of the books titles for next year. This fair directly funds this. Our library offers 6 copies of each title for both 3/4 and 5/6 lists. That is 288 books! This ensures participation in this great program can be enjoyed by all. Libraries are the great equalizer of society that represents all. I love that.


Battle of the Books is once again an incredibly successful and inspiring season. The library is once again full of excited young readers and I love it! Third and fourth graders meet on Thursdays and fifth and sixth graders will meet on Mondays in the library during their lunch. It's been fun, social, and we share laughs and discuss books.

Please feel free to email Mrs. Keller @Keller_cindy@asdk12.org or Mrs. Reich @ reich_theresa@asdk12.org with questions.

It is hard to believe we just finished our 4th week of practice! The first practices have been focusing on what books are on the list, what genre, and learning the titles and authors. This quarter we will begin quizzing each other and discussing the content of the books. We will officially form teams the second week of November until then we are all practicing as one.

Here is some information:

  • Every practice is not mandatory,
  • This is a club, so all abilities and all commitment levels are welcome. This means your child may want to represent Trailside in the district competition (meaning reading all 12 possibly more than once) or they may just want to meet once a week to see all the kids who love to read. Maybe they want both.
  • Your child's goal to read all 12 books by January 10 can be completed by reading one a week. It is not mandatory to read all the books, but I hope they do.
  • AK BATTLE OF THE BOOKS state website
  • Anchorage Battle of the Books website
  • School Battle: Week of January 17 or 23
  • District Battle: 5/6 Tuesday, Jan 31 & 3/4 Thursday, Feb. 2 @ West High School