Scavenger Hunt

This is NOT Bingo!


This is it ladies! The home stretch! The final days to redeem #candicash! How many of you are still working on this? Here is my list of ladies with #candicash sure to check your dashboards and emails for a list of customers who have earned candi cash and reach out, follow up and get those last minute sales!!!!


Abby Nicole - $525 candicash!
Amanda Mason - $300 candicash!
April Brim - $75 candicash!
Araceli Sierra - $75 candicash!

Becky Straley - $75 candicash!
Carol DeBrock - $25 candicash!
Christina Hickman Hinton - $25 candicash!
Heiman Fam - $25 candicash!
Crystal Deanna Batlin - $425 candicash!
Ediris Marmolejos Squitieri - $300 candicash!
Emily Ching Wright - $200 candicash!
Jessica Balanay - $25 candicash!

Jessica Kats - $25 candicash!
Jessica Orlando Thompson - $375 candicash!
Jody Heiner Lane - $25 candicash!
Kimberly Marsh Riske - $25 candicash!

Krista Zehder - $50 candicash!
Kristin Stewart - $125 candicash!
Liz Solomon Wright - $200 candicash!
Lynn Thorp - $100 candicash!

Mallory Rickloff - $25 candicash!
Maria Faisca-Kick - $50 candicash!
Mary Mitchell - $225 candicash!
Missy Kelzer Peterson - $875 candicash! (WOWZR!)

Missy Henneman - $375 candicash!
Nancy Runyan Gaston - $25 candicash!
Sharen Mercado - $25 candicash!
Shelley Hill - $25 candicash!
Stephanie Starr - $150 candicash!
Tamara Lauridsen - $50 candicash!
Taylor Juarez - $175 candicash!
Whitney Alexander Vroman - $50 candicash!

Ready for a little fun?!?

Join us for our FIRST EVER #SouthernBelles Scavenger Hunt!!! This game will run thru October 31st. The winner will receive the most ADORABLE Kate Spade Clutch! (A $78 value!)

Everyone has a fighting chance to win! If you have been off the c+i grid for a while, this is the PERFECT chance to make a comeback and get yourself set up for success this holiday season!

Keep an eye out for special #doublepoint days!

Goal Sheet can be filled out September + October for a total of 16 points!

+1 can be invite in September + October for a total of 10 points + additional 20 points if they make a sale each month!

There are 6 National calls during the scavenger hunt - that would be 30 points!

1 on 1 w/ leader can be done in September + October for a total of 30 points! (previous 1 on 1's this month will qualify!)

Current Pop Ups on the Books will also qualify!

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Winner receives this #KateSpade Clutch!!!

Southern Belle Scavenget Hunt

Monday, Sep. 19th, 10am to Monday, Oct. 31st, 11:45pm

This is an online event.

Be sure to #shoutout completed tasks on our team page or by commenting to this email so I can be sure to keep track of points!!!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Scavenger Hunt Score Sheet:

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Fill out Goal Sheet below for more points!

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Ok Southern Belles - here is the order form for the sweaters. Since I had to pay out of pocket the difference on the t-shirts, I set the minimum # of sweaters to be ordered. If more than 6 people order sweaters, there is a chance you will see a bit of a refund. Order now thru 10-31. I will ship sweaters to you or arrange a meet up. If 6 people do not order by 10/31, the order will be cancelled and you will get a full refund