The Greystone Glance

Weekly Update from Principal Quattrucci

The Week of January 10th

There is so much to celebrate at Greystone Elementary! Although I have only officially been your principal for a few days, and was already impressed by Greystone's stellar reputation, I am amazed by what I've witnessed firsthand.

Information for the Week

ACCESS Testing

Throughout the week of January 10th, Ms. Puleo and Ms. Kollek will be administering the MLL ACCESS test. We will all be mindful of this state-mandated test process, and although it is always important to have a good night's sleep, proper breakfast, and to come to school with a fully charged device, it is extra important during ACCESS testing.

Aimsweb Plus

The Aimsweb Plus testing window will be open from January 10th until January 25th. This is a research-based online reading and math assessment for all students.

COVID Protocols

As numbers are rising, we are all keeping our windows open as much as possible, air purifiers on all day, and making sure students sanitize/wash their hands at the start of the school day, before eating snack, lunch, and after recess. Extra masks are always available, and we are following all nurse protocols.


SurveyWorks will be beginning on Tuesday, January 18th. It is important for all of us to participate by answering the SurveyWorks questions, because our answers provide meaningful feedback on how to improve Rhode Island Schools.

Retake/Makeup Picture Day Canceled

Lifetouch will reschedule retakes/makeups for anyone who was absent on picture day or would like to have their picture retaken. We canceled the January 21st date due to the surge in COVID cases.

Monthly Characteristic Trait

We will focus on kindness throughout the months of January and February. There will be a "Countdown to Kindness Challenge" on Morning Messages and many students will be recognized for their acts of kindness!

Quote of the Week

"One kind word can change someone's entire day."

One word has the potential to change everything. Words have power. Let's use our words as a source of inspiration to those around us: our co-workers, our children, our whole community. Just a few words, or even one kind word, can change a person's whole day. Let them know you care, and it will make your day a better one too.