NCE 5th Grade Newsletter

November 13, 2015

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Reading Round Up

We concluded our poetry unit with some poetry reading today. The students did a great job preparing and sharing. From now until Thanksgiving break, we will be working on Myths and Legends. We will be comparing myths from different cultures to discern what they valued and believed as a society. We will also tie in our next unit, Drama, by producing short Reader's Theater myths. Reader's Theater readings are not big productions- they are more about using your voice as a tool. If all goes well, I am hoping to offer readings to the lower grades the Monday before vacation. Please make sure your student is aware if you are not planning on being here, so I can adjust the part they will practice. They will still participate next week, but I'll make sure they have an understudy for the performance.

The next scholastic order will have a quick turnaround time. I will be handing out flyers on Monday, and students may place orders until Tuesday, November 24th. Online ordering is hassle free, and you can access our order page from the link above. The December order will only have a week of order time, as I want to offer "secret" orders and pickups for holiday gifts.

Please encourage your student to share with you what they are reading. If they aren't able to give you many details, they may not be completing their 20 minutes per night. Daily reading is the best way for students to build vocabulary and increase reading stamina. These are two of the most important factors for students to be successful on the STAAR test in the spring.

Writing Notes

The students worked hard all week to complete their poetry book. The students shared and celebrated their poetry writing today. In addition, they reflected on their strengths, as well as areas of improvement.

Next week, the students will learn about myths. They will learn about the various characteristics of myths. We will be looking closely at constellation myths. The students will begin brainstorming ideas for their own myths by the end of the week. The focus will be understanding how different cultures and backgrounds influence text.

The 5th Grade Team

Mrs. Griffin

Mr. Krauklis

Ms. Lauden

Mrs. Mata

Math in a Minute

Next week in math we will be working on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. Students will have homework on Monday and Wednesday that will be due on Wednesday and Friday. Grades for the Division test are now posted on the Home Access Center. I will be working with students who scored below a 70 and having them make corrections to raise their grade.

Social Studies

We are moving on to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We will study these two important documents in depth in the coming weeks.

Lunch and Learn!

You’re Invited!

Who: Parents/Guardians of NCE 3rd-5th graders

What: Brown Bag Lunch & Learn*

When: Friday, November 20, 2015 from 11:30-12:30

Where: Nottingham Country Elementary (MPR)


· Are you interested in learning more about the current reading and writing curriculum?

· Do you want to learn some tips and strategies for helping your child with their reading and writing?

· We are hosting a share session where the Reading/Writing Instructional Coach will share helpful tips for working with your child on reading and writing.

· *Please bring your own lunch.*


From the Science Lab

We are currently working on Forces and Motion. The students just explored Newton's Second Law of Motion through our Marshmallow Launcher Lab. Next Monday, we will be discussing their assignment which will be to come up with an experiment connected with Force and Motion. We will present them on Nov. 23/24.

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Progress Reports

Progress reports will go home on Tuesday. Please be aware that we are constantly adding grades, so the paper you get may not accurately reflect your student's current grade. The best resource to keep up with grades is the Home Access Center. If you are not currently logging in, you can find instructions on how to access student information on the Katy ISD web site from the link below.

JA Dress Up Days!

Next week we will support our JA program with our Dress Up Day fundraiser. The days are as follows:

Monday- Camo Day

Tuesday- Celebrity Day

Wednesday- Decades Day

Thursday- Wacky Tacky Day

Friday- Crazy Hair Day

Students (and teachers) pay $1 for each day they choose to participate. Students may also purchase a packet of passes (limit one) for $5 from the front office. These will include things like a homework pass, a cap in class pass, and a variety of other privileges that students enjoy. For a $20 donation, you can have your student's name on the marquee!

Now collecting 5th grade flashback photos for the yearbook

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