The possible causes of the revolution in


The key problems that would need to be addressed through revolution is Spain's poor economy. This, as well as their corrupt government. If these problems are tended to, Spain would become much more civil and the citizens would become satisfied which would prevent the need for them to cause further issues due to their expected frustrations. Spreading the awareness and confronting the authorities is the first step.


Revolutionaries can spread several different ways. With the evolved society of today, you could post written concerns or pictures on social media websites across the internet that would easily enable the spread of its awareness. Web pages can also be made on the subject of Spain's issues which will help support the people who are in favour of the idea of starting a revolution in Spain.


Change will most likely happen through non-violent matter because of the way people would be voicing their opinions and concerns. A modernized way of finding a solution to solving the problems would be in order to prevent the main concern of violence. Depending on how Spains' authorities take our proposition to the idea of a revolution would be the deciding factor on whether or not military support would have to be involved. Some examples of the actions that would take place is first by taking the idea of it to the main figure in charge to see if we could come upon a reasonable agreement. if he or she does not take kindly to that, then the next step is the resort to the military force and use the unwanted, but needed violence in order to start a Revolution.

Life After the Revolution

Once succeeding in the Revolution, my country will become much more peaceful because life for the citizens will become much more fair; preventing less problems to occur. With the satisfaction of the citizens, comes a stress free environment as well as a smooth running country. As the corrupt government changes their ways, Spain will happily adapt, and justice will be served. When the government system and the people working for them change their ways, the economy will gradually become improved making life much easier. The population will most likely grow due to the fact that Spain changed their ways, persuading more people to move to that beautiful place.