Capital of Western Australia

A LIttle About Perth

Perth is more than endless sunshine much to experience in nature. Besides the natural beauty, there are new bars, restaurants, shops and plenty of cultural experience. It is also known for its beautiful beaches and amazing parks. Overall it is a great experience in Western Australia. Perfect for tourists and businessmen.

Living there!

  • Perth is a population of 1.696
  • Salary is between $93,604 - $109,972
  • Hourly payment are between $19.17 - $34.02
The average coast of living in Perth Australia

History, Culture and Nature Facts

  • Australia is known for being ancient lands in the world.
  • 3.5 billion year old fossils and 40,000 years of European influence.
  • Landscape is a big part of Western Australia.
  • Too traditional societies with 200 languages.
  • Most animals are marsupial animals like kangaroos, wallabies,koalas,possums,wombat and etc.