For Sale - Tarmac

Meet at the corner house on Lavel St., Ayrshire for a quote.

It's so good you'll think it's a hack, but really it's just Tarmac

The inventor

Hello, my name is John Loudon McAdam and I'm the inventor of Tarmac. I'm a civil engineer that wants to make a difference and I think this will do just that. Dusty roads have been a problem for a while and i think it is time for a change. Interested? Read more about my wonderful invention.

What is Tarmac?

Tarmac is a type of road that makes a lot of people's life a lot easier. Instead of dirt roads, this new innovation uses an assortment of rocks for a cleaner appeal. Vehicles that use horses will become simpler to use.


  • Less dust in the air
  • Easy to install
  • Makes traveling faster
  • Carriages won't get ruined
  • Saves money

"Ever since we got Tarmac on our street, traveling has become so much easier"

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