Swenson Scoop

What have we been up to?

We have been busy working on main idea and details in reading. Students showed their understanding of main idea by writing nonfiction stories about dinosaurs. Check them out on Seesaw!

We have also been working on understanding the different types of figurative language (similes, metaphors, etc). We listened to "Fireflies" by Owl City to help us point how figurative language is used in many different ways. Last week, we created cartoon inspired onomatopoeias (see pictures below), and we will continue working on a different figurative language skill each day.

In math, our focus went from learning about variables to geometry. We have been learning about polygons and types of triangles. We are gearing up for the math MCA tests, which will take place at the end of the month. See schedule below.

MCA Testing

MCA testing will be starting this week. Our class will be testing reading on Tuesday, April 12th and Thursday, April 14th. We will test math on Tuesday, April 26th and Friday, April 29th.

*Please remember that a good night's sleep and healthy breakfast are important for your student to do their best! If you have any questions or concerns regarding these dates, please let me know.

Spring Music Concert

The spring music concert will take place on Thursday, May 19th. More details to come...
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4th Grade Field Trip

Tuesday, May 10th, 7:45am

2400 3rd Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN