Fractions and decimals of awsome!

By Nikhil


Part 1


Adding fractions are easy peasy. In fact, you don't add half the fraction!

1. Add the numerators to each other if the denominators are like (same denominators).

2. If the denominators aren't like you can find the least common denominator and multiply the present denominator to match the LCD .

3. But remember, you have to multiply the numerator by the same as the denominator!!!

4. Now you just add as if adding like denominators.

5. See easy as pie! (Not pi).

6. If the fraction is a mixed number add the big numbers to the other big numbers, or per perform the popcorn method.


Subtracting is pretty much the same thing as adding fractions, so just do everything you do when adding, except subtract the numerator!

Part 2


Multiplying fractions aren't that hard either. Honestly I think the only itty bitty hard stuff is simplify the product.

1. Multiply both the denominator and the numerator by the denominator and numerator of the other fraction.

2. Make sure you multiply the numerator by the other numerator, not numerator by denominator, and vise versa.

3. Simplify


It is true that dividing is the most difficult of the bunch, but it only means it takes a bit more brain power, not that it's hard.
1. Watch the video for dividing fractions (link below)

2. Keep the 1st fraction

3. Change the division sign to a multiplication sign.

4. Flip the numerator and the denominator to their reciprocal

5. Multiply across

6. Simplify

This how to do the popcorn method
Big image
Big image



Adding decimals is easy just follow these steps!

1. Line up the decimal

2. Put 0's where there is noting below or above

3. Add like you normally would

4. Bring down the decimals from the addend to the sum

See! Easy!"