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Its Your Best Option. Its Simple And Easy! :D

Litter Has Been Spread All Over Our Environment

It Is Up To US To Stop This Dangerous Habit! Those Poor Animals Are Suffering For Hope And Freedom. We Certainly Do Not Want To Create A Mountain Full Of Rubbish.6H Has Surveyed F.P.S And Our Data Shows A Total Of 148 Responses That Half Of You Litter 1 to 2 Times Per Week. The Most Said Reasons Are "There Are No Bins Nearby" " I'm Too Busy Playing" And " I'm Lazy I Cant Be Bothered".

Just Dont Litter!!!

When A Creature Swallows The Plastic It Gets Dreadfully Stuck Into Its Digestive System Which Means It Causes Choking And Strangulation. Creatures Can't Handle Situations Like This. We Have The Power And Courage To Stop This Once And For ALL! Its Simple Just Pick Up Your Rubbish :)

People Who Litter Has a "Fixed Mindset"

Anyways As You Might See In Some Places And Areas That There Are Loads Like I Means Loaaaddds Of Rubbish Everywhere! At The Parks AS You Might See That The Rubbish Invites The Cats To A Picnic Party! unfortunately Its Not So Pleasant For Them Because it causes choking which is not a good surprise!

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Can We Get Rid Of Rubbish?

Now your properly thinking how can we get rid of litter well....if you try to burn it down it crumbles up to a ball. It takes years and years to fade away. But you CAN also GET rid of Rubbish BY simply picking up YOUR rubbish! and encouraging other people to!

Victims Of The Killing Spree

Victims like pete the pelican and lucky the platypus had experienced the painful feeling! pete the pelican Swallowed 17 plastic bags in his stomach "ouch" (The Autopsy found 6m Plastic Inside the 8m pelican) sadly it caused him to die of Starvation. Your Wondering what happened to lucky the platypus in 2003 the painful strong platypus approached a human by himself. The plastic was cutting dreadfully deep into its skin. Happily after he survived the horrible event.

It Is Up To You! Your The "Matter"

Your unhealthy behaviour is creating a virus! you should be responsible for what you do and protect! Your Selfish Reasons Has no meaning because you are CAUSING AND SIMPLY CREATING! THE HORROR you want to save mother nature? then start by picking up YOUR rubbish and get more people involved too!