Our Touches

Eleanor (Poetry Editor)

Our Touches

We are greedy with our touches

planets in parallel orbits, too distant for collision

our paths circle around unsaid like it’s the Sun

I guess we’re distant.

I heard - not from you - the moon has no

permanently dark side only a far one

that’s what we’re on, but in

parallel dimensions on Star Trek

you say sci-fi doesn’t make the world go round

I idolize the Prime Directive

we’re on parallel dimensions

so clear I try to forget they’re there,

so thick you almost forget I’m here with you

so close we could touch, but

we are greedy with our touches

the distance of unsaid grows, circles

like a star, day by day less distant, more dark.


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Eleanor is a Poetry Editor for Boom Site and a sophomore in high school. She has loved literature since her early years, and recently developed an affinity for spoken-word poetry. She brings experience as: organizer of the River Valley Poetry Slam, a BeHeardMN poetry slam competitor, and an avid poet. She is a 10-year veteran of St. Croix Ballet, a math, reading and cello tutor, and a Russophile.