Louis Armstrong

By: Trev Walton

Young Louis

Louis Armstrong, other known as satchmo, was brought into this world on August 4, 1901, in new Orleans, Louisiana. He was titled “The first greatest influence in Jazz". As a kid, Louis lived with his Sister (Beatrice Armstrong) and his maternal grandmother (Josephine Armstrong) because his father (William Armstrong) left him when he was born. Soon after his birth, his mother (Mary Albert) became a prostitute.

Personal life

Louis married a prostitute by the name of daisy parker, which lead him to a road of violence. He adopted a disabled 3-year old and took care of him for the rest of his life. When Louis was 11, he was arrested for shooting his fathers in the air during a New Years eve celebration. During his time spent in a juvenile center, he discovered that a musician would be his title in the future.

His career

In 1922, he moved to Chicago and played second cornet in King Oliver’s Creole jazz band. April 5, 1923, he made his record with Oliver, and that day was the day he recorded his first solo “Blue Chimes”. Soon after he Joined the band, Louis started dating the female pianist in the band, Lilian Hardest. They got married in 1924. She felt like Oliver was Holding Louis back from showing what he can really do. She wanted him to leave the Creole Jazz band and join a different band, the best African American band in New York back then, Fletcher Henderson’s Orchestra. Armstrong agreed to join. He introduced meaning of swing music to the new band through many solos that he made.

Making a mark

Louis and his band, Hot Five, Greatly impacted not only his generation, but many after with his music. He is a example of courage and leadership everywhere.
Louis Armstrong - Mini Biography
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