Summer Quarter 2020

A Few Words from Dean Swanson:

Welcome new APNI to DNPS, RN to DNPs and HSLs. Welcome back DNP 1s, 2s, 3s and HSLs. With the arrival of the 2020 cohort of APNIs we are now a fully subscribed program. This means we now have all four years of the program (APNI through DNP 3) operating at full capacity (give or take about 10 students per cohort). In June 2020 we graduated our first cohort of RN to DNPs; in June 2021 we will graduate the first cohort of APNI to DNPs.

As in any learning organization, with input of all involved (students, faculty, staff, administration), we are committed to continuous quality improvement. To that end the incoming 2020 cohorts will realize a restructured and more streamlined program of study. Moreover, in April our Board of Trustees approved our proposal to offer a pre-licensure accelerated MSN after five quarters of study to non-nurse applicants to our DNP program. Trustee approval is actually one of three major approvals we need. This week paperwork was submitted to our accrediting body to approve the MSN and we will soon be submitting similar paperwork to the WA Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission (NCQAC). Until all approvals are in, we must continue to refer to the APNI to DNP program as we always have. If for any reason, approval of the MSN is delayed APNIs will still be able to sit for licensure at the end of their required coursework. While I am confident we will get there, we must follow accreditation and regulatory processes.

We are committed to offering a Seattle University DNP education that will serve the learning needs of all who entrust their graduate education to us. Whether we come together remotely or in-person, in the interest of creating safe teaching and learning environments, we invite open dialogue and ask that each of us shows up with the courage necessary to surface differences, sufficient humility to be wrong, and the eagerness to learn how we can become better contributors to transforming healthcare for a just and humane world.

In Solidarity,

Dean Swanson

Kristen M. Swanson, RN, PhD, FAAN | Dean and Professor

A Few Words from Associate Dean Bowie

Summer quarter seems to have taken off very quickly, perhaps too quickly! We are excited to have both APNI and Advanced Practice students back in clinical rotations this summer. The APNI students have a chance to experience inpatient clinicals across four Swedish campuses in a variety of inpatient units with an overarching focus on population health. The Advanced Practice students have been placed in a wide range of settings, including Bremerton, Bellingham, Pasco and Montana. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed practice within every health care setting, and while it is a bit daunting, it is also an unprecedented time to be a nursing student. The lessons and skills each of you learn through this very unique time will serve you well throughout your nursing careers.

I would like to extend a special welcome to our new APNI and DNP students! I am sorry that I will not meet all of you in person until a later date, but hope that you have settled into your summer remote courses. Please reach out to your faculty if you need help or clarification. We are looking forward to a partial reopening of our Clinical Performance Lab and the chance to practice clinical skills in September. The CPL staff and faculty are working hard to put procedures in place for safe practice.

Remember to take time to care for yourselves in this rather stressful time.

Dr. Bonnie Bowie

Bonnie Bowie, PhD, MBA, RN | Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Important Dates, Events & Reminders


June 22 - First Day of Summer Quarter (8 week session)

June 26 - Last day to Add/Drop classes

July 3 - Independence Day observed - NO CLASSES!

July 27 - Last day to Withdraw from 8 week session course

Aug 15 - Last day of Class

**Reminder that Fall Quarter is beginning early this year due to Covid-19.

Looking Ahead - Important Dates For Planning through 2020:

Sept 9 - First day of Fall Quarter class

Sept 15 - Last day to Add/Drop classes

Oct 1 - Last day to apply for graduation - Winter Quarter 2021

Oct 26 - Last day to remove "I" grade from Spring/Summer 2020

Oct 27 - Last day to withdraw from FQ classes

Nov 1 - Last day to apply for graduation - Spring Quarter 2021

Nov 2 - WInter Quarter Registration opens

Nov 11 - Veteran's Day - NO CLASSES!

Nov 17 - Last day of Fall Quarter classes

Nov 19 -24 - Final Exam Week

Nov 22 - Jan 4 - Student Winter Break

Nov 24-26 - Thanksgiving: Faculty & Staff, offices closed

Dec 4- Fall Quarter grades Due

Dec 24- Jan 5 - Winter Holiday Break: Faculty & Staff, offices closed

Missy and Bonnie will schedule Student Track Rep meetings for DNP I, DNP II, DNP III cohorts for Summer. Make sure to connect with your student track rep if there is something you'd like shared.

Student Track Reps: 2019-2020*


Sadie Pile At Large

Isla Fisher CNM

Cordelia Cochran PMHNP

Sydney Hutton FNP

Katie From AGNP

Nick Arnold AGACNP


Matthew Johnson At Large

Deeksha Gadi AGACNP

Ben Duchin PMHNP

Kate Guzman CNM

Ruo Ho (Sellenna) Zhang AGNP

Christina Borselli FNP


Ambera Dedic At Large

Ashton Lupton CNM

Kevlin Fleming Slingwine AGNP

Emma Nauman PMHNP

Ambera Dedic FNP

Jacquelyn Calvin (Jaci) AGACNP

*Missy will reach out to each cohort (APNI, DNP I, DNP II, DNP III) in the Fall to elect new Student Track Reps for 2020-2021.


Registration at Seattle University is changing and in a big way! SUOnline registration will be phased out over this academic year and replaced with a new student registration system called MySeattleU Student Planning.

Student Planning is an online tool that allows you to plan your degree and possible courses over multiple quarters. ALSO - you can view your program evaluation to make sure you're on track for graduation AND when you register all your courses get populated into a calendar which is helpful for planning!

To learn more about the features of Student Planning, please see this helpful document:

To get to the tool, go to

In the top right corner, the last tab called "Student Resources" there is a drop down menu. Choose "My SU". Then, click on the box "MY.SEATTLEU & STUDENT PLANNING"

Reminder: You Can Change A Grade to CR for Spring 2020

Remember you are able to request CR for spring courses. If you earned a C or better this spring (or any of your winter quarter courses), you have the option of converting your letter grade to CR via this form -

This is between you and the registrar’s office, so no need for any additional signatures. They are accepting electronic documents at

Get Answers to All of Your SU Questions Here

Student Support Center put this page together. It's a one-stop place for answers to everything from financial aid to checking out books at the library during COVID-19.

CON Website for Current Students

Covid-19 related student resource page from the CON

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Spring 2020 Graduation

We are pleased to announce the DNP Graduating Class of 2020! What an amazing group of scholars. They were the first all DNP cohort of students and have weathered all the bumps and hurdles throughout the three (and in some cases more) years with us.

Virtual Scholarship Day was a real success and proved these scholars and now ready to go out and set the world on fire. A HUGE Congratulations to our DNP Grads:

Kirsten Carlson, AG-ACNP

Katy Dupre, FNP

Mark Erickson, FNP

Amanda Fisher, FNP

Lior Habinsky, FNP

Katie Huseby, FNP

Helena Laubach, FNP

Sabrina Raj, FNP

Natalie Dreyfoos, FPMH

Shana Charles, HSL

Amy Nelson, HSL

Kate Rowe, HSL

Mary Field, HSL

Laura Houdek, HSL

DNP Student Mentorship Program: Officially Launched!

The EJC, in partnership with students, have officially launched the student mentorship program! The pairings have been made and student mentors will be reaching out to mentees via email in the next week. If you have any questions or concerns about your pairing or you would like to connect with the Mentorship team, you can email directly:

APNI - Class of 2024

Once again, we want to wish you all the warmest virtual welcome possible. We’re so glad you’ve joined us and we look forward to getting to know you all over the next few years. Congrats on completing your first week of the program! Please check your summer schedule to ensure you are enrolled in: NURS 5024 Pathophysiology, NURS 5041 Foundations/Health Assessment, and NURS 5141 Foundations Theory. *Note: Some folks have asked about NURS 5043 Evidence Based Practice. This course has been removed from the DNP curriculum, starting this summer, so none of you are enrolled or are expected to complete that course. You’ll get plenty of research theory in Critical Inquiry I in the spring! Your fall courses are all available for registration: NURS 5005 Intro to Pharmacology, NURS 5008 Pediatric Clinical, NURS 5108 Pediatric Theory, NURS 5031 Community/Pop Health Clinical, and NURS 5131 Community/Pop Health Theory.

If you hit any snags with registration, reach out to Rebecca Severson as your advisor for assistance.

DNP I - Class of 2023

We are so delighted to have a strong group of rising APNI students joined by 21 incoming RN students in DNP Year One! While you’re in separate classes this summer, we look forward to your groups mixing it up throughout the rest of the DNP program. For those of you who have used SU Online, I highly recommend making the transition to MySeattleU. The university had planned to sunset SUOnline during spring term, but with the upheaval of the spring, they elected to delay. The Office of the Registrar has some great content on their site to help you become familiar with registration and viewing your program evaluation through MySeattleU. Please reach out to Rebecca Severson or Missy Hancock if you have any trouble with registration or viewing your program evaluation.

DNP II - Class of 2022

Can you believe you're now more than halfway through?! You can do this! There are 83 amazing students in the second year of this DNP Program. This summer quarter, you are all taking different courses related to your specialty areas of study (hooray!). From what I've heard, many of you are also working as RNs in clinics and hospitals, managing home and family life. Some of you have event taken on the mentoring role to many of our incoming students. You have a lot on your plate, so remember to build in time to take care of yourselves too. As always, connect with Missy Hancock if you need assistance with registrations and to answer any questions you might have.

DNP III - Class of 2021

You're in the home stretch now! Your last year of the program. You all have come SO far and you've weathered many hurdles with us. We know we've asked you to be flexible, responsive, and thoughtful and you've gone beyond expectations every time. There are now 79 DNP students who are preparing to graduate in the Spring of 2021. This is exciting for all of us and comes with additional hurdles. We're facing a global pandemic and a national crisis. Although COVID-19 posed a challenge to clinical placement, many of you have been focused on your DNP Projects and will continue to work on these throughout summer and fall. Many of you will be able to be in clinical this summer and we are thrilled that you will be able to graduate on time!

Note: If you plan to graduate in 2021, you'll need to apply to graduate through the Registrar's office. See more about that process here:

As always, reach out to Missy Hancock if you have any questions or needs as you progress through your third and FINAL year of the DNP!

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The CPL is continuing virtual simulation this summer quarter with anticipation and hopes to come back to in-person learning. The CPL team is working hard in strategizing for reopening while following DOH, state, and university guidelines. We want to make sure all students will be safe and comfortable learning in the CPL upon when it is time to return to campus.

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Greetings from the CON Equity and Justice Committee (EJC)!

The Equity and Justice Committee (EJC), a student-led, standing committee of the College of Nursing understands that the work we have in front of us for the 2020-2021 academic year will be vast and unequivocally relevant to undoing racism and systemic injustice. Although Seattle University is a Jesuit institution, EJC recognizes there are systems in place that need careful consideration.

The EJC strives to listen and respond to the issues and needs of our students, staff, and faculty. The achievements over the last three years were possible through shared leadership from various undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty in collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Fricas as the faculty chair. The EJC is transitioning in leadership and will be co-chaired by Missy Hancock and Dr. Therry Eparwa in the upcoming academic year. We look forward to partnerships as we continue to work diligently to address issues that oppress various marginalized identities.

This summer, we will host two informal check in opportunities and we welcome you to join us! They will be held on zoom: Tuesday, July 7, from 5-6 pm and Tuesday, August 4, from 5-6 pm. See invitation below for zoom details.

In the Fall, we will send invitations to all student, faculty, and staff via email for our first formal committee meeting. This is when we will discuss 2020-2021 initiatives and will want input from everyone in our community.

We can make the greatest impact for the entire College of Nursing community when we have participation from all. Please consider joining us! In EJC, everyone's voice is valued equally and considered thoughtfully. We are stronger together.

Microaggressions Reporting Tool Available

Our guiding principle in creating this tool was a deep desire for the College of Nursing to be a safe space for students to learn, faculty to teach, and staff to work, without having to hide or compromise their various identities. We recognize that, like safety or medication errors in hospitals, microaggressions are manifestations of structural inequities and unexamined systems of marginalization rather than the failings of an individual.

In order to collect data on microaggressions, which will lead to actions to prevent them and ameliorate their effects, all such incidents can be reported at

Reporting is confidential and no names are collected. The link is anonymous and cannot be traced to you or your device. The data will be reviewed monthly by a designated faculty member of the EJC, who will deidentify details and report it at each EJC meeting for review and follow-up (as requested or needed).

EJC Resource Website

Modeled after the “online syllabus” created by the Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock movements, the Resource Website is an online repository of information on the effects of racism on health, multimedia teaching and learning resources, links to resources on campus and beyond for students of color, first-gen students, and low-income students, and much more. While it can sometimes take a few seconds to load, we invite you to patiently visit it at

You can locate both of these resources by navigating to:

All the best,

Dr. Therry Eparwa and Missy Hancock, Co-Chairs

On behalf of the Equity and Justice Committee

NCDSPD - Nurses Call to Defund the Police

A letter to Seattle City Council from registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, and nursing students in support to call for the community to defund the Seattle police department. Click this button to read and sign the letter!

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SU Alum, La Esprintista, Seeks Sponsorship

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Together, we can slow the spread. Stay home. Stay 6 feet apart if you must go out. Wash hands.


Click here to learn more

A Note on Email Signatures:

It is important to represent yourself accurately. The Doctor of Nursing Practice program is not a PhD program where students take comprehensive examinations and, upon passing, receive the title, Ph Candidate. Referring to yourself as a candidate can cause confusion with our preceptors.

Instead, we suggest using the following E-signature format:

Name, Credential | DNP Student - specialty | Class of 202X


Your Address or Seattle U Address

work: | cell:


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