St. Juan Diego

By: Alyssa , Graham , Lavang, Kyler, & Veronica

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December 9, 1513

St. Juan was walking six miles to attend Holy Mass, and when he was walking he heard Angelic Voices and a rainbow. Mary Appeared to St. Juan Diego and asked him to go the Bishop to ask that a temple be erected in her name. He did this but the Bishop was skeptical. She then encouraged him to do it again. The Bishop asked for a sign to prove this claim.

December 12

Juan's uncle became very ill, fearing for his uncle's life he went back the the hill he saw Mary. She appeared to him asking him about her request for the church. When Juan spoke of his uncle , she told him she already took care of it. She then told Juan how to prove that she did appear to him.


She directed Juan to a nearby hill to collect the roses he found there and deliver them to the Bishop. It was not the season for roses; nonetheless, Juan discovered a large patch of roses in full bloom. He filed his Tilma with them and rushed to the bishop. When St. Juan opened up his tilma the roses fell out and there was a picture of Our lady of Guadalupe on it.

Juan Diego, Messenger of Guadalupe : Giants of the Faith TRAILER