Multiple Personality Disorder

What causes DID

This is commonly caused my something happening in your early childhood. By which I mean continuous physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. This can't be just normal this must be extreme abuse in whatever area you were abused in.


- Depression

- Mood Swings

- Suicidal thought/actions

- Sleep Disorders

- Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias

- Alcohol and Drug Abuse

- Compulsions and Rituals

- Psychotic-like symptoms

- Eating Disorders

- Headache

- Amnesia

- Time Loss

- Trances

- Out of Body Experiences

- Self-Persecution

- Self-Sabotage

- Violence


There is no true cure for DID but some believe long term treatment helps a lot. These methods of treatment include talk therapy, medication, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and adjunctive therapy.


DID is a very serious disorder. It can be as small as from 2 personalities to many more. Many people believe it so be like watching a movie of themselves. Most people are unable to control when this happens. There are many different types of personalities ranging from happy to pissed. It is common for the person affected to create completely different people. By this I mean your angry side could be named Molly when your name is Anna. They are often unaware of what one personality does. So Molly could hit and hate you where as Anna has no memory of this. Having such an abnormality at a young age could cause some very hard times for a child especially when in school for they won't understand the difficulties of this disorder.