Media Affecting Girl's Body Image?

Body image is negatively influenced by the media.

Affects of young girls dieting-

Girls being to diet at a young age because the media influences them that they should look a special way. Girl start saying that they are fat or pick out imperfections that they don’t like at a very young age,they tend to compare themselves to the models. More than 80% of ten year old's have dieted and eight million american women suffer from anorexia or bulimia, two potentially life threatening disorders. The media shouldn’t make girls feel bad about their bodies. I believe that the media does not mean to make girls feel bad about themselves they mostly want their product to look good so people to buy their products. The media should change and make people feel good about their own skin and not feel bad because they don't look like someone else.

Girls being Photoshopped-


A solution to negative body image is not using photoshop and not using the extremely skinny models all the time. There are many different medias th that will photoshop girls so they look skinnier and prettier. Zendaya said she was upset that a magazine “manipulated her 19 year old hips,” and said that, “These are the things that women are self conscious.” She sent out the real picture and felt good about how she looked. Different medias are also using plus sized models and manikins that are different sizes so women are less self conscious about themselves.

Call to Action

Girls are being influenced in a negative way by different medias. Advertisers target teens by showing them what they could look like if they bought their products. Advertisers are wolves, they prey on young girls to buy their products and it may not turn out the way that they want it. It's Unethical for they to target young girls and possibly make them feel bad about themselves to buy their products.