The 'Hoot' from 5th grade

Week of 5/19 Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies

Language Arts

Read to Self: 100 Book Challenge Goal: 397; Read 30 minutes every night at your fun, fast and easy level! Please be sure to sign the lines every night - it is homework!

Reading: continue Literature Circles -Ask your reader what book they are in...

Science writing activity

Math and Science

Science: Research project

Math: Topic review

Social Studies

Coming to North America

Big Idea: What factors brought people to the Western Hemisphere?

Chapter 8: Coming to North America

Chapter 8 lesson 2 - Test Monday

Cross curricular project with Science

Information Math & Science


Seiberling phone: 330-761-7956

Things You Should Know

Field Day May 22

Moving Up Day May 23rd

Do you have have empty paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls? Please send them in with your student for a project we will be doing on June 2. We also need 1 gallon milk jugs and 2 liter bottles.

Please make sure your student is keeping up with in-class assignments and homework. The 4th grading period has many activities to end the year and it will go fast!