Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

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Flight School GRADES 4 - 5

Come and discover drones. This fun-filled camp will combine coding, curiousity, and problem solving while driving drones through obstacles. This week-long camp takes place June 10 - 14 for students currently in grades 4 - 5.

Dream It, Design It, Build It GRADES 6 - 8

Dowel rods, 3D printed end caps and an Arduino all are combined together to make a ATV that runs a course. Students will design and build their creations then maneuver through obstacles using coding. This week-long camp takes place June 10 - 14 for students currently in grades 6 - 7 - 8.

PointerBot GRADE 4

Clawbot, Stretch, Allie and Ike are all robots that can be built using VEX- IQ parts. Students will spend 2 full days building and controlling a robot on the 2020 VEX IQ competition course. This camp is for current 4th graders.
PointerBot June 17 - 18

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Roll Sphero Roll GRADES 3 - 4

Putt-putt, mazes, and geometric shapes will all be created with this ball of fun. Students in grade 3 - 4 will spend the morning learning about Sphero and coding them to perform various tasks. This morning camp is on June 19.
Roll Sphero Roll June 19

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Pointer Arcade GRADES 3 - 4

Character design, background, collectibles, superpowers, and dangers can all come to life with video game creations. Students in grades 3 - 4 will spend the afternoon using Bloxels and Ipads to create video games.
Pointer Arcade GRADE 3 - 4 June 19

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Build A Computer GRADE 6

Current 6th-grade students will build a computer from scratch using Piper Computers. Once built, they will be able to access websites through Piper Programming. This day-long camp is available on June 20.
Build A Computer June 20

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